Banking and Payment Service Provider, Engage (powered by Contis) is a headline sponsor at this year’s Credit Unions of Wales Awards being held later this month.

The Awards will celebrate the contribution made by those volunteers, members, schools and partner employers to the ongoing success of the credit union movement in Wales.

Engage is an alternative banking brand designed exclusively by UK credit unions to better serve their members.

Engage seeks to drive financial inclusion through the provision of a variety of high-tech products e.g. The Smartcash Programme designed to service the 6 to 18 year old junior credit union member. Engage also provides a range of current accounts designed to service the needs of the varying credit union adult member demographic.

Deborah Levy, Managing Director of Engage saidL ‘We are delighted to be a headline sponsor for a second year running at this year’s awards.

“I am truly excited to lead a business that has invested heavily to build a payments platform capable of supporting a wide range of products with the potential to change the way that underserved customers are able to manage their money.

“I am looking forward to continue working with our Welsh colleagues to harness the power of our technology to improve financial inclusion and education at a time when many consumers are coming under increasing pressure.”

Supported by the Welsh Government, the Credit Unions of Wales Awards will take place at The Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay on Thursday October 18 at 11.30am.

It coincides with International Credit Union Day, which celebrates the spirit of the global movement and sees credit unions from across Wales combine to honour the legacy of community working.

For further information about Engage visit www.engageaccount.com

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