CUW Awards: Volunteer Of The Year

Credit Unions of Wales Awards – Volunteer

This Credit Unions of Wales Award recognises volunteers who are often the backbone of all credit unions.

The nominations for this award are:

Rowena Hughes

Volunteer Rowena Hughes has been nominated for a prestigious Credit Unions of Wales Award for her total dedication to the movement.

Rowena first become involved with Cardiff & Vale Credit Union when she became inspired by a community presentation to set up a school savings club in Cadoxton. Cadoxton Primary School is based in an area identified for deprivation, and Rowena saw the value of the club in helping children to learn the importance of saving regularly, and a way to reach out parents to promote financial capability.  

Rowena has shown incredible leadership as a volunteer for the school savings club, adding real value to the Cadoxton community, pro-actively involving not only 140 pupils in the scheme, but also over 50 staff and parents.

She has taken responsibility for promotion on social media, in newsletters, and by approaching families and staff in the playground to discuss the benefits, and trained year 6 children to help with the savings collections.

On many occasions, Rowena has gone way beyond what is expected of her.


Susan Higgs

Top volunteer Susan Higgs has been nominated for a Credit Unions of Wales Award by Smart Money Cymru.

Susan has been a volunteer with the credit union for 14 years and was one of the main founders for opening Phillipstown community service point in the rural area of New Tredegar to the benefit of her community.

Susan along with Elaine Moore contacted the credit union to discuss how they could bring it into their neighborhood to benefit the residents due to a problem of illegal money lenders operating in the area of high deprivation.

Susan and Elaine were passionate about their community and helping families move to an ethical and safe borrowing platform taking them away from high interest and illegal lenders, plus encouraging regular savings.  

The passion and drive both ladies showed over the years in promoting the service point throughout the community enabled Smart Money Cymru to develop other volunteers and service points using this blueprint.

Unfortunately Elaine has now passed but the legacy is still living on with Susan, who continues their story in the community and is still heads up  the service point weekly at the community house.


Phil Jenkins

Gateway Credit Union volunteer Phil Jenkins has been nominated for a prestigious Credit Unions of Wales Award

Phil joined Gateway in 2010 after he was made redundant and decided to look for voluntary sector experience.

He was soon spending several days a week serving members in Pontypool. He then joined the Credit Committee and operational loans team and became a Board member of Gateway.

After returning to a new job he arranged his working hours to spend Fridays in the credit union.

Phil just gets on with anything that needs doing, with good humour and tact. Staff often come in to find that he has been in early and cleaned the office or dispatched a pile of rubbish from the basement to the tip. Then he’ll be contacting members with loan decisions, taking phone calls and chatting to members as they come in.


Susan Rose Bevan

Newport Credit Union volunteer Susan Rose Bevan is in the running for a coveted Credit Unions of Wales Award due to her dedication to the movement.

Rose is willing to lend a hand to anything she is asked to do, from cleaning the front office to working with our customers every week.

She helped set up a collection point in her local church, organising volunteers to run it (alongside herself), promoting what a credit union is and what services we provide.

 She has a real belief in the credit union and promotes us in any way she can as she believes we provide a beneficial service to her community.

She has encouraged both her grandchildren to volunteer their time for us, providing weekend support in the office as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award.

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